d’Overbroeck’s Hardworking Engineers !

A thunderous start to the Engineering course with whirls, turns and loops the loops after our workshop on the Zodiac ride at Thorpe Park from a member of the Thorpe Park educational team.  Though the talk was provided with lightening aplomb it was nothing to compare to the fast track queue to the Zodiac experience of 59ft g-force technology.  This was all a drop in the ocean when paired with the Project of Week 2 To design a practical purpose theme park ride, solving one of the world’s great engineering challenges.  Tutored by Mr. Neal the students are at this moment preparing presentation and model replicas of their solution to such a problem using as inspiration the world’s most advanced theme park technology and top parks from around the world.  Along side this (as if this wasn’t enough) is the Redevelopment of the London Docklands bring the students visions for the area including Isle of Dogs and Royal Docklands with some world class ideas such as a River Thames surf park