Get your writing assessed and checked online with Cambridge English write & improve

Cambridge English has launched a free service that assess and checks your writing online. Great news for students studying English around the world!

The online writing evaluation tool uses an algorithm that gives you quick feedback on your spelling, grammar, vocabulary and your style of writing. This is perfect tool for both level students looking to correct their writing and also higher level students looking for feedback on their writing style and tips on how to take their writing to the next level.

To use Cambridge English Write & Improve, you need to log onto the Cambridge English Write & Improve website and pick a topic. There are topics for all levels from beginner topics like writing an email to a friend to topics for more advanced learners like descriptive essay writing. Once you have finished the writing task, submit it to the online checker and the Cambridge English Write & Improve algorithm will assess your writing and give you feedback.

Try it today at and don’t forget to post your writing on our Facebook page.