Plumpton make a splash!

After a summer of fun-filled excursions across the south-east of England it was time for the final offside adventure from Plumpton. A strong case could be made for saving the best for last as a fantastic day was enjoyed by all. There was a real family feel on board the bus to Windsor, as the relatively small student group geared themselves up for another beautiful sunny day of exploration.


The first stop was Liquid Leisure, the World’s Largest Aqua Park set on one of the most beautiful private freshwater lakes amongst stunning parkland in the heart of Berkshire. Students and teachers joined other members of the public in slipping, tripping and sliding their way around the inflatable obstacle courses. Some were able to navigate their way around more gracefully than others, however there were huge smiles to be seen on everybody’s face.


After an exhilarating hour on the water we boarded the bus for a short journey to Windsor, home to the famous Windsor Castle. We stopped to admire and pose in front of the Royal residence before students were given free time in the town. This was the last opportunity for many to purchase souvenirs and gifts for family and friends as mementos of their unforgettable time here at Bucksmore. After an action-packed summer programme of excursions at Plumpton, it was the perfect way to finish 2018.