In retrospective

As I’m writing these lines, some of our students are already gone, some are still waiting for their transfer to arrive. The last four weeks have been very intense but at the same time immensely fun. We’ve done so much, we’ve visited so many places, we’ve made so many new friends, it’s difficult to pick a favourite moment because there have been so many.

Last week was special because out Bucky family became a lot smaller therefore a lot more intimate as well. There were only 22 students staying with us, which also meant that they got to know each other even better than during the previous weeks and some really deep friendships developed.

Of course, in terms of activities we didn’t slow down even a little. We started off the week with an extra surprise excursion, we had a lovely walk in Petworth Park, fed ducks, had lunch, played with some dogs, went on a deer watch and finally relaxed a little in the lovely sunshine.

Wednesday saw our traditional half day trip with some real adrenaline boost. We visited the nearby town of Farnborough and had two rounds of laser tag. According to our students, it was a great success. We arrived home happy and tired, but still not too tired to take part in the evening activity, beat the clock. A game in which, not surprisingly, we complete challenges and work against the clock.

It was only Thursday, but we were on our way to our third excursion of the week. It was a very special day, as many of our students used British public transport for the very first time. It gave us both the chill and a strange feeling of energy to take the train and the bus in a foreign country and to be able to get wherever we wanted, realising we don’t actually need a coach to travel around even in a foreign land. But the day was far from being over. As you can imagine, we did go somewhere. Where, you’d ask? We went to see The Valerian and after lunch we had some ice-skating. What a lovely day. We came home once again tired, but happy, and to be honest rather proud. Great job everybody!

The very last excursion of this summer found us in the beautiful town of Oxford. We decided with the group to take it “brainy” this time. We walked down its tiny streets; marvelled at the majestic university buildings; had lunch at a healthy fast food restaurant (and our kids loved it!); visited Blackwell Bookshop (one of the biggest bookshops in the country with more than 3 miles worth of shelving) and finished the day of with a lovely punt on the river Isis.

Life on site is not any less fun than when we leave. Throughout the week we had an amazing Casino night, a boot camp, an unforgettable zombie run and we even played some inventive hide & seek.

Overall, I think our four weeks together was a great success, laughter, fun, some tears, many many hugs, uncountable new friends and the hope of finding each other again at King Ed’s next summer. Good-Bye kids, Good-bye King Edward’s!