King Edward’s Brilliant Boot Camp

Last was a big night for us here in Buckyland as we had a visit from US General S.T Lodge.


Along with his band of crack commandos who had parachuted into King Ed’s, just as the kids were finishing their tasty supper of bangers & mash.

General Lodge was on a highly classified mission to return to Plumpton College, under the cover of darkness, and locate Ilia Nikilun’s missing iphone which he suspected had been taken by one of Plumpton’s evil staff members.


General Lodge wasn’t looking for just any recruit, he was looking for candidates who would display mental and physical strength, as well as look good in green! Had he come to the right place?

It was time to put them through their paces in the jungles of King Ed’s School! The kids were tested on their skills with the Bow and Arrow, their stamina, their strength, and their hearing.

After hours of intensive training the troops were finally ready  to drop into Plumpton and retrieve Ilia’s phone from The evil Mr T

However by this stage General Lodge had seen enough and decided to take an early night


Disclaimer: The uncanny similarity between the Mr T in our blog, and Mr Tom, the Plumpton Bucksmore Manager, are purely coincidental.


Tune in soon for the latest update from Bucky King Ed’s!!