Kings College students campaign to be President!

Off we go! The Bucksmore London Centre welcomed its students last Tuesday. So many things have happened so far. Today is Monday – the end of Week 1 already!

We started on Wednesday with placement testing and getting to know one another and the school as well. At first glance, King’s College may seem like a maze but I suppose nobody has any problems with getting from point A to point B any more. Since Thursday all our students have been working hard on improving their language skills in their new groups.

This week has been full of lessons with various teachers, CLIL classes, which talked about Art in the UK, and the project preparations.

‘President Bucksmore’ was the project for Saturday, where each team must write a speech to win over the audience, each team also made posters and presented all of their political promises to the other teams. At the end of the speeches, each student got to vote for the party they thought were the best, and once the votes were counted, the elected student was Clara as President Bucksmore and Marina as her Vice-President.

The speeches candidates made were powerful but High Five Party convinced the audience getting the highest number of votes.

It’s been a great week but tomorrow is the day everyone has been waiting for: ‘Lazy Tuesday’!