Kings College students view London by boat!



Week 3 has begun and the sun is still shining here at Bucksmore London. The faces have changed but the smiles are still as dazzling. After a busy first day adapting to their new home, getting to know roommates, trying the college cuisine and starting classes we decided to make the most out of the afternoon and evening by taking a trip to Greenwich.

Greenwich has a rich history related to the sea so rather than taking the more conventional mode of transport to arrive at our destination, we decided to take a boat cruise along the River Thames. It was an excellent opportunity for our new students to see some of London most famous sights, such as the London Eye, the Tate Modern, the Tower of London, the City area and the warehouse-style housing at Bankside and beyond. We had excellent commentary along the way and the students disembarked with a better understanding of the city and the ability to decipher the broad London speech of the boat crew.

After making our way onto dry land we started our walking tour of the famous clipper ship, Cutty Sark and our students learned about the legend of Aggie the witch from the famous poem by Robert Burns, before marching onwards to the Royal Naval College and the Maritime Museum. One of our students, Candela, was able to share with the group her knowledge of Sir Christopher Wren, the architect behind St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Royal Naval College Chapel. We saw the Queen’s House and after a quick snack break in beautiful Greenwich Park, we continued up the hill to the Royal Observatory, the location for the Prime Meridian. With breathtaking views of London, it was a perfect opportunity to snap some selfies.

A short tube ride later we’ve arrived back to rest up for a full day of classes and our Friday excursion to Brighton. We’ll keep you updated!