Our last week at King’s College

Sadly the last week at King’s College came rather fast and our students had to face just one last project and mini project. We thought it could be more fun for them to work on a task which they would be more familiar with, in some sense at least. Computer games were nominated as a project topic of Week 4 in London. All teenagers play games, don’t they? Of course some more often than the others. Yet, the project was not about playing and winning/losing, nothing of that sort. The students had to invent a game. They had to prepare: the story in the game, the rules of scoring points as well decide when the points are lost, who the character in the game is etc. Actually our students knew better what to do to make their game best. Each game was completely different from the other 7. During the Sunday presentation our students showed their posters and could be asked some questions. Yet the games-makers could keep some information to themselves at that point and reveal it during their presentation onstage. The games were well-prepared but the presentations were even better. The winner of the last week project was ‘Save or hide’, which amazed the audience by their lively and amusing presentation.

The mini project was so much fun in week 4. Our students were asked to write The Bucksmore Chronicle. It turned out to be a perfect goodbye task for the students to look back and recollect weeks 1 – 4, all the excursions, activities, English classes but most importantly fellow students and of course counsellors, who were a target of numerous jokes throughout the book.

The project was meant to work as a common ground for our students and we wanted them to cooperate closer and more efficiently, which worked, as the outcome was fantastic. The mini project during the last really bonded the students and let them leave London with all the memories refreshed. We hope they enjoyed their time with us! We definitely loved having all of them here at King’s College in London.