Plumpton students visit London Zoo

Yesterday, our very lucky students here at Plumpton College got to go to London Zoo, the oldest scientific zoo in the world! Home to more than 750 different species and 17,480 individual animals.  All spread out over a whopping 36 acres of land.

It was another hot day, with temperatures soaring to 29 degrees. The Juniors sat down on the grass to watch a Bird of Prey show, featuring Tulsa, the Harris Hawk who swooped low over the heads of the audience, showcasing his long wingspan.

Not only does the zoo have an incredible variety of animals, they offer several live shows to highlight their birds of prey, penguins, tigers, and other animals from around the world.

The students learned a lot about which animals are the most endangered and what steps that they could do to help. There is also an extensive aquarium exhibit! 

After a long day, The students got home for dinner and had a film night (Jumanji!), and the lucky Bucky Adventure students got to go horse riding!

They started at the stables, helping the instructors to tack up the horses with saddles and bridles, learning about the horse’s temperaments, all individually unique, and then hopping into the saddle! It caused quite a scare for our first ever Icelandic student, who was used to horses being a lot smaller!