Movie Making at St. Hilda’s!

Another week another project, this week we left the politics behind and took a turn towards Hollywood and all the glamour of the Oscars. With our new arrivals we split into groups of ~10 that we hadn’t previously worked with and were tasked with making a short film of less than five minutes.

 The first order of business was to decide which genre of movie to make; murder, mystery and horror seemed top of the agenda – apparently it’s easier to kill people than create an epic love story in five minutes! Once the concept was decided on it was time to allocate roles, we needed actors, scriptwriters, camera people, editors and directors so it was a great opportunity for students to let any secret talents shine!


The first real task, script writing, was a chance for students to collaboratively come up with a plot and dialogue. They worked together to complete a script in the classroom before heading outside to get into costume, gather props and start filming.

The assigned directors showed great leadership skills by running the projects and keeping the groups on task, and worked well with the camera people and actors to overcome any problems and rethink any scenes which worked better in the classroom than on location!

Of course without the behind-the-scenes work of our incredibly talented editors all the clips wouldn’t have come together into making a movie at all, and they did a great job piecing together all the takes, outtakes and extras to create a narrative. 


Saturday night was show time, we watched all eight movies in the auditorium on the big screen for the full cinematic experience and then voted for the Best Picture Award. This prestigious honour went to the Bucksbusters for their incredible homage to Ghostbusters ft. Mikhail and Dinislam, but honourable mentions to horror-flick ‘Ivan’ by Ivan, starring Ivan, directed by Ivan, ‘My Life Is A Disaster’ with a stellar performance as a wild child by Kullanit and ‘The Bucksmore Hunger Games’ – tagline ‘nobody survives Bucksmore’.

 Overall it was great to see the students become so involved in a project, a lot of precious free time went into editing, and they really enjoyed seeing the results of their hard word and sleepless nights on the big screen – watch out Oscars 2019!