Myths & superstitions

As well as a host of exciting activities ranging from ice-skating to visiting Bletchley Park, the Oxford Advanced Studies students have been racing ahead with their academic pursuits.

A full program ensures that these Bucksmore students utilise the best in academia that the University of Oxford has to offer. Daily tutorials in multiple subjects give a true-to-life Uni student experience. The impressive range of essays that students have produced from their tutorials are a source of real pride, and the quality of these essays show the capable youngsters that they really have the ability to pursue their passions.

Workshop options include debating, film production, entrepreneurship and drama, and provide a dynamic way for students to explore new fields and build on existing passions. In drama, students have worked on their improvisation skills, devising duologues as well as larger group pieces. Work on projection and annunciation has seen the students grow in confidence, to the point where they’re really keen and excited to share their dramatic work with their friends.

On top of this already jam-packed timetable, the students have attended in-depth master classes. These detailed, interactive lectures are led by OASP Brasenose’s center leader Mr. Nick. The latest masterclass explored superstitions, and it was brilliant to hear different superstitions from all over the globe as different students added their ideas to the group. These ranged from traditional myths to more recent, abstract superstitions.

Every student has been working hard at the rigorous academic program, and there’s great excitement about the graduation ceremony which will celebrate all that they’ve achieved over these two weeks!