A night to remember at St Hilda’s

Stop the presses! From Egyptian Mummies to Newspaper Production, week 7 proved to be a whirlwind in St Hildas. A London excursion preview lesson gave students insight into England’s throbbing capital prior to their visit. Through research, the students were able to learn more about attractions such as  Westminster and the British Museum (including famous artefacts it holds such as the Rosetta stone and a 5,000-year-old sand-dried mummy) thereby lending greater context to the London trip.

After immersion in history and ancient civilizations, the mini-project gave students the opportunity to explore the present through a newspaper making task. The aim was to inspire the students to produce a collection of articles reflecting on their stay in the UK. Exploring examples of design and layout elements in existing articles served to boost creative thinking.

However, the mood became rather sentimental as the students undertook their final big project: the Bucksmore Yearbook. Each class was assigned a section of content to produce and merge with the works of the other classes upon the project’s completion.

The final project presentation took place in the beloved Marquee on Sunday evening. From interviews with Bucksmore staff to personal reviews of the city of Oxford (the verdict: two big thumbs up for cuisine!), the students’ presentation of the finished Yearbook provided a wholesome perspective of their Bucksmore experience. During the presentation evening, the students were asked questions about the photos and design elements they had chosen and answers showed that each class had invested great effort into the production of their section. This posed a great challenge: how would counsellors choose the best presentation? It was decided that the award belonged to all the classes that were involved as the Yearbook was essentially a collective effort.  The prize? The ultimate summer keepsake in the form of a printed, hard copy of the Yearbook for each of the students to receive. It was truly a night to remember.