Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race

Throughout the year, the rowing teams from the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge train all year round to become the proud winners of the famous  boat race of the year!

The 4 mile course down the river Thames starts in Putney and finishes in Mortlake with the first ever male boat race taking place in 1829 and the first female boat race in 1927. The lively atmosphere is created by thousands of supporters cheering the boaters along the length of the River Thames.

Oxford University won the 2015 annual boat race last year completing the course in 17 minutes and 34 seconds. Overall Cambridge have a total of 81 wins and Oxford have a total of 79 wins. Students staying at our Oxford summer camps and Cambridge summer camps have the opportunity to live in the city and University where these hard-working students are from.

Support the race this year on the 27th March to see who will be crowned the winners this year!