Plumpton battles it out in teams!

As the new arrivals joined us on Tuesday, it was time for everyone to show what true competitive spirits Plumpton had in its blood.

First the students had to build human pyramids, the activity was a careful balancing act that required a mastermind with physics knowledge to work out which person was best suited for their role.

Up next, the students had to draw each other, the best drawings would score the highest points. Unfortunately it wasn’t long before stickmen and generic smiling faces became the norm. No points for anyone here!

And finally, to finish it off, a competition to see who could find out the most amount of facts about the counsellors. Students rushed to counsellors to ask various questions, each time they found a fact they had to relay it back to their team.

The students worked super hard on the challenge and went back to their rooms exhausted.

It’s been a truly action packed few weeks at Plumpton and whilst we might be finished for this year, be sure to join us again next Summer!