Plumpton dives deep into the realms of history!

On Thursday, Bucksmore Plumpton went to London during a staggering heatwave. Lucky for us, our plan was to visit the amazing Natural History Museum. Once we arrived, students were immediately impressed by the architectural wonder that is the Museum, with its gargoyles and animal carvings covering its walls. It’s quite impressive to have such a lovely and quiet building in the middle of exciting London.

As we got inside, students were welcomed by the skeleton of a blue whale suspended above their heads. Behind it are the staircases that lead to some of the available exhibitions, as well as to the trunk of a 1300-year-old Giant Sequoia Tree. After receiving their task for the day, a selfie treasure hunt, students set out in groups to explore the different parts of the museum.

From animatronic dinosaurs to displays of hundreds of hummingbirds, the Natural History Museum offers such a varied range of exhibitions that there’s no doubt that everyone was able to find something that sparked their interest.

After the museum, we got on the coach again in order to go bowling! Students were divided into teams of eight and started heated bowling matches, most of them keeping scores in order to be the best bowler in Plumpton. They also had the chance of playing arcade games and collecting prizes from their winnings.

All in all, it was a great day out and everyone seemed to have enjoyed it when we got back to the college.