Plumpton final week!

The bus set off from Plumpton College as the rain beat against the window.  The 29 students and 4 counsellors were filled with joy for today was the day that Bucksmore went to London.

Facts were flying as festivities kicked off with a fun-filled walking tour past some of the capital’s greatest spots.  From Downing Street, to Big Ben, from Trafalgar Square to Buckingham Palace. The children exercised more than just their legs as they were fed interesting fact after fact by their engaging tour guides.


Although the rain was falling heavily, it couldn’t dampen the spirits of the Bucksmore Brigade.  1 hour and a few thousand steps later, the walking tour drew to an end as we parked up at our final destination. After all that sightseeing, some much-needed shopping was long overdue.  The next activity was obvious; what better place to splash some cash than the hustling, bustling lanes of Oxford Street.


The free time bells rang as the Bucksmore Boys and Girls descended upon the London streets.  Shops and stores were flooded as our kids went in search of everything from sandwiches to souvenirs.


Afterwards, tired, but happy, the Bucksmore crew got back on the bus and set off home.  Many drifted off to sleep on the relaxing drive back, before pulling up just in time to get some well-earned dinner from the delicious Plumpton canteen.  Sightseeing, shopping and a succulent supper, just what the doctor ordered!