Plumpton gets a bird’s eye view of London

Thursday was buzzing for our students in Plumpton as we had a full-day trip to London. We had a bit of a gloomy start and rainy clouds but the sun shined again when our bus dropped us off at the meeting point, right in the heart of the city.

The first spot on our list? Covent Garden, of course. As it is mid-July, we thought it would be best to add some Plumptonian students to the 44 million visitors that this famous piazza has each year. As this is the only London district to retain a license for street performers, we were lucky enough to witness a lot of street shows. Richard Handley, one of the top performers in Covent Garden, sang happy birthday to one of our students with the help of the lovely Mr. Bones, who is quite the dancer!

After a bit of vanity indulging time – shopping and sweets included – we headed off to London Eye, Europe’s highest observation wheel. Some of us found it difficult to sit next to the windows’ edges. However, we managed to capture the astounding view and take group photos.

The evening carried out in the same British tone with popcorn and 2  movies starring the one and only Rowan Atkinson. Lovely Thursday, indeed!

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