Plumpton goes to London! Take 2!

If it’s a Thursday @Plumpton, then it’s a full-day trip in magnificent London! Our cultural tour of the city started with Trafalgar Square, one of the most vibrant spaces located at the heart of the city. We took photos of Nelson’s column but also enjoyed a bit of music and art from the talented street performers and buskers who were swarming the place.

We had a stroll and a quick lunch in the famous St. James’s Park, the oldest Royal Park in London. Conveniently for us, Buckingham Palace is right next to it, the official London residence of the UK’s sovereigns since 1837 and the current administrative headquarters of Queen Elizabeth II. After a bit of history lesson from our lovely counsellors, we headed towards the most iconic clock towers in the world, the fabulous Big Ben. We were thrown a bit off our guard when we saw the whole tower under construction, but we still managed to capture some moments on camera.

Speaking of guards, our tour also included the historical building of the Horse Guards, home to the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment who provide the Queen’s guard and escort on state occasions.

Downing Street was our last stop. We didn’t meet up with Boris Johnson at Door No 10, but we were still allowed to take photographs in the area.

We came back on campus pretty tired after a full-day cultural tour, so the evening activities were a bit more relaxed: movie, sport or prepping for the big activity taking place on Saturday Night: Bucksmore’s got Talent.


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