Plumpton skates back into the 70s!

Today all of us went to an authentic, 70s roller skating disco. It was a lovely summer day, but the moment we entered the roller-disco the bright and warm sun was left outside and we were welcomed by the darkness and lights of a proper 70’s dancefloor.

Some students just stormed directly onto the dancefloor and showed off their moves. The DJ was pumping up the volume of the music and everyone enjoyed the vibrant atmosphere. Of course, the huge air-hockey table was occupied straight from the beginning and many heated matches were fought.

As the temperature in the hall rose, many students were in dire need of a refreshment. After a quick phase of regeneration, the experts and the roller-skating beginners went back on the dancefloor and stayed under the neon-lights, hyped from the pumping beats till it was time to come back to the present. From neon-lights back to the shiny outside.

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