Plumpton students in awe of Windsor beauty

On a beautiful and sunny Saturday, Plumpton students went to Windsor a town on the River Thames in southeast England, west of London where we visited Windsor Castle which is known to be a residence of the British Royal Family.

The Children were happily engaged and mesmerised by the variety of opulent furnishing and paintings from the royal art collection that really stood out to the children as it was a very significant moment of exposure for every child.

The history of the castle was also fascinating as it was built by William The Conqueror in the 11th century which was a very long time ago and every child asked how could the castle sustain itself during such a long period of time however we later on learned that the castle was extensively remodelled by subsequent monarchs who added their own touch and made it transform itself to become a well known touristic attraction.

After all the historical and cultural knowledge we gathered, we took the children shopping in order for them to practice their english and mathematical skills but also buy what they needed.

This day was such an exciting and eye opener experience for every individual that challenged them to use their English skills in an unknown and new environment.