Plumpton Students ride and shine

Ready for a thrill ride? Plumpton was up for the challenge!

On Saturday morning we took over one of the most popular amusement parks in Europe: Thorpe Park. Over 30 rides and attractions were waiting for us. There was a bit of everything for everyone. The thrill seekers took their chance with some of the fastest and scariest rollercoasters such as THE SWARM – UK’s first winged rollercoaster – or SAW – The Ride, the world’s first horror themed ride. However, the crowd favourite was definitely STEALTH that launched our daredevils to about 200ft in just a couple of seconds!!! That’s what we call an adrenaline rush!

For the more light-hearted there was Angry Birds Land filled with arcades and games or Amity Beach which was perfect for relaxing and catching your breath for a little bit before hitting the waves on the TIDAL WAVE ride – quite literally, a good drenching awaited us!


Ice-cream, candy floss and popcorn were the day’s bill of fare, but we also managed to get back on campus just in time for a lovely dinner! The butterflies in our stomach kept going during the evening activity when we were centre stage for the Trash Fashion event.

Another exhilarating day at Plumpton!


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