Plumpton’s Cinematic Adventure

On Wednesday Plumpton decided to escape the heat by heading to the cinema!

The students were presented with the choice of watching Spiderman or Lion King to suit different tastes. The students immediately found the popcorn stand and before you knew it, there was no more popcorn.

As they queued outside the cinema, the tension grew over how what plot would be in each movie! Finally, the lights went down and the movie began…

After the movie finished the many smiles on the students faces told a thousand words about how amazing each of the films were.

When the students returned back to Plumpton, the counsellors had worked around the clock to put on the greatest farmyard themed Olympics the world had ever experienced. Students battled it out in various ways from wheelbarrow races to sack races and many more!

It was a thoroughly enjoyable day and the students were all begging to do it all again.