St Hilda’s make the most of their final week

All good things must come to an end, and Week 6 at the St. Hilda’s campus was no exception. The week began with a graduation ceremony with awards being presented to leavers and t-shirts being signed amongst friends who would be returning to their respective countries the next day (*sniff* we’re not crying, you’re crying).

Sorrows were promptly forgotten during the remaining students’ punting adventures on Tuesday. Picture a truly timeless, quintessentially Oxford, idyllic pleasure, sailing leisurely upstream or downriver, trailing fingers in the silky water, and taking lots of Instagram-worthy photos, of course! As the sunset on the St. Hilda’s crew gliding gently past Oxford’s famous Botanic gardens, it was quite apparent that the week ahead held plenty in store. So did Mother Nature. Wednesday brought alternating spells of sunshine and rain showers (#BritishSummer) but Team Bucksmore forged ahead with the day’s activities, beginning with a visit to the Pitts Rivers Museum. There, the students were able to view the archaeological and anthropological collections of the University of Oxford (exclusive views of the Haida Totem Pole, anyone?).

After taking in the museum’s displays the students’ headed down to the High Street for a much-needed snack break. The day culminated with an epic graffiti art challenge that allowed students to unleash their creativity through themes as varied as rock music, female empowerment, and the effects of social media. Energy levels spiked further on Thursday as the students were led on a Politics and Royalty tour in London which featured a visit to the historic Westminster Abbey (where Prince William and Kate Middleton were wed in April 2011), 10 Downing Street, and Trafalgar Square, amongst other attractions. The pepperoni on the pie (pun intended, sorry!) was definitely the pizza party which was held in the Marquee at the end of the day’s adventures. Save us a slice!