St Hilda’s Students Create Video Games

The academic program that we did in week 5 was really exciting. It all started with a placement test, induction and assessment lesson on Wednesday morning. We got to know each other through different fun and educational games, like ‘Kaboom’ or ‘Guess the fact’. We also introduced ourselves with newly-arrived story cubes!

On Thursday before the London excursion students participated in a lesson about most significant landmarks in Greenwich. They learnt about the National Maritime Museum, Queen’s House, Royal Observatory, Royal Naval College and Cutty Sark, to name just a few. We had been well-prepared even before the excursion started!

Friday was especially exciting as we were working on an educational project which goal was to design an innovative video game. Students prepared posters, advertising campaigns, business cards and even costumes! Everybody enthusiastically participated in this challenge and came up with a lot of brilliant ideas that surprised all of us!

Sunday morning involved either final language assessment for our leavers or mini-projects for those who stay with us for another week. Exam takers, thank you for your focus and effort, good job! This week mini projects involved designing a time capsule that contains all the most important objects. Many thanks to all students and counsellors for all the creativity!

On Sunday afternoon students worked on their presentation skills. They practiced describing their video game so that it attracts potential investors. Heartiest congratulations to all participant, especially our deserving winners who created a game featuring a pastiche of Bucksmore staff and campus life. We might have some future professional game designers in our summer camp! Well done!