St Hilda’s visiting the London Science Museum and Oxford Street

Written by Miss Hatty


Today, on our weekly Wednesday afternoon excursion, St Hilda’s students spent a lovely time in London, visiting both the Science Museum and Oxford Street for a spot of shopping!

Not only was the weather fantastic, but the places we visited were magical.

We were dropped off a short distance from the Science Museum, which we visited first. It was really exciting to see old school cars hanging on the walls, some very old computers and even trains. Also, our students increased their knowledge in such areas as biology or geography. What a great scientific experience! Other areas that were popular included the space section of the museum, where we were able to see and stand close to rockets, satellites and even a virtual, floating Neptune! The gift shop also caught a lot of the students’ eyes, full of interesting toys, books, games and more which pleased everyone.

Having our heads full of new interesting facts and feeling 100% more ‘keyed up’ on all areas of science, we decided to have a little walk through Hyde Park. As we walked amongst the trees and carefully avoided all the cyclists enjoying an afternoon ride, we could hear music from a far-away concert- you would never believe we were in England, especially considering how warm it was!



Finally, we reached Marble Arch and had some free time during which the students went absolutely crazy on Oxford Street. After many requests to do some shopping, the students were certainly happy! They all visited their favourite shops such as Topshop, JD Sports and Urban Outfitters, but of course had to visit those more unique to England such a Primark and the famous Selfridges. Everyone came back laden with shopping bags as if they had been on Oxford Street for the whole day- impressive!

Full of energy, excited and pleased, we got back on the buses after meeting one another again at Marble Arch. However, similarly to our previous excursion, the coach journey back was silent with many students fast asleep for the entire journey back- a good sign that they had had a wonderful day and were ready for a well-deserved night’s sleep!