T-Shirt Decorating!

In the first half of the Oxford Advanced Studies Programme at Brasenose College, activities took a turn for the creative as students decorated t-shirts!

Well equipped with plain white t-shirts and an array of colourful clothes pens, the students were set to work on their masterpieces in the making. With the World Cup drawing quickly to a close, some students took the opportunity to create clothes-based support to cheer on their nations, while others documented their memories of the stay at Brasenose with signatures of fellow students and staff. Moreover, others decided to make serious fashion statements with bold colours and admirable designs — we bore witness to some serious artistic talent in all its forms!


Even the counsellors got involved with the art production, with Miss Anna and Miss Georgina co-creating a black and green themed mandala masterpiece! Furthermore, Mr Ben’s t-shirt tried to predict the World Cup final, as shown in his strategic use of the nation’s flags!


With all the students gathered on the grass on a warm summer’s evening in Oxford, the t-shirt making allowed for the making of new memories, with new friends, in a new environment and was a real moment of the course