Telling Stories

This week at St. Hilda’s the students brushed up on their knowledge of English history, taking part in an engaging and informative link lesson on Warwick Castle in preparation for the excursion on Friday. The exciting lesson gave students the chance to acquire some new vocabulary as well as design their very own castles.

In the Academic Skills lessons students developed their emailing skills, exploring many innovative ways to compose and respond to emails, as well as studying formal and informal turns of phrase. Later in the conversation class, students discussed the ever-evolving methods of modern communication.

In Wednesday’s lesson, students honed their listening and speaking skills with some great activities based around anecdotes. Students read short stories and were later encouraged to write their own. Many of the students’ stories were of an extremely high standard and all showcased creative and imaginative powers beyond the power of mere mortals.

In the project class, students had a fantastic time working on films inspired by The Hunger Games. The students worked in groups and each group member was assigned a responsibility, including: writing and performing dialogue, filming, editing, stage direction and so on. The students’ films were screened for all to see on Friday night after the students returned from Warwick Castle. An amazing time was had by both counsellors and students, there were many exceptional films on display and awards were given out for the most accomplished films and performances.

All in all, an exciting and highly stimulating week. Some great progress is being made by the students at St. Hilda’s – there is no limit to the potential of a Bucksmore student!