The Grand Finale

This week has been rather cool for August, but nonetheless we’ve been keeping busy and having lots of fun!

On Tuesday, we said goodbye to a few departing friends. We were never going to let this dampen our spirits, though, as our students stretched their legs and strained their sinews in contests of skill in our sports afternoon. In the evening, our friends from the circus workshop came to show and teach us a few tricks. We juggled! We unicycled! We diabolo-ed! We all finished the night with new skills.

Wednesday afternoon saw the students hit the road, London-bound. Our destination was Richard Owen’s hymn to the world around us: the Natural History Museum, in glorious Kensington where the students had the chance to wander among the treasures of this fine museum. Afterwards, we strolled down to Knightsbridge, home of the world-famous Harrods, for some retail therapy and fine dining.

On Thursday, after a day of learning, we were able to unwind and chill out at Oxford’s ice-rink. We are pleased to report that our students got through the evening with wide smiles and unbroken bones!

On Friday, we set out to discover Warwick Castle, whose construction began almost a thousand years ago by William the Conqueror. We were able to uncover some of the secrets of falconry, encounter a trebuchet and explore the castle itself as well as the historic town of Warwick.

On Saturday after lessons and dinner, the whole camp got together for the summer’s most hotly anticipated engineering challenge…Wacky Races! Who would build the best racer? Who would win the race?

On Sunday, after bravely facing down the Bucksmore Assessment and performing admirably, the students went to Bicester Village to shop for gifts and quality goods. In the evening, the pressure was on the counsellors as they took on the students in Get Your Own Back: a game in which staff and students competed in a series of crazy challenges to discover who would win glory, and who would receive a pie in the face!

In the last few days of summer school, our group will visit the mighty environs of Christ Church College – Oxford University’s largest and most famous college – before the bittersweet graduation ceremony and farewell party. We will miss you one and all and hope to see you back again next year!