Thoughts from a Student at Kings College London

It’s been a week and a half since I first arrived at Bucksmore London. I’ve really enjoyed the time that I’ve spent here at Kings College. I am a student on the LASP program (London Advanced Studies Program) and I think it’s really helping me to get prepared for next year’s courses. I’m studying 2 subjects, my core subject is maths but I’m also taking Economics.

We focused on functions and algebra in math and it was really helpful, I can easily understand what the teacher says and we always communicate with each other when there’s a problem.

Economics is really great and useful as well as I really like numbers and business. I signed up for economics as my specialist class. During our economics classes, we’ve learned the law of demand, macro and micro economy, and applied them in actual cases. The classes I have been taking are all wonderful and I’ve liked them a lot.


Written by Haoran Wang (Alex)