Three Capitals Blog- Academic and project preparation

As always it has been a busy week at Three Capitals. We are now in the second and final week of the tour and we’ve been residing at Heriot Watt University in the Scottish capital of Edinburgh. After arriving in Edinburgh and settling into our temporary home on Friday evening it was straight to classes bright and early on Saturday morning to start English lessons. The students have been studying an intensive course with 20 hours of English classes over a period of five days, where they have brushed up on speaking, listening, reading and writing skills as well as reviewing grammatical points.

Some of the highlights have been studying body parts and verb structures in the context of yoga and sports instructions and one of our classes even tried to incorporate a practical element by also trying out some of the yoga positions for themselves. In other lessons writing has been the main focus, from studying how to construct poems to improving essay writing skills. Discussions have included advice for improving your sleeping habits and how brands incorporate certain colours into their products and advertising to signify feelings and emotions. We even had time to construct our own colourful board games and put our best detective skills to the test to work out the importance of the dates and numbers our classmates chose for their brightly coloured squares. As always, speaking and communication has been fundamental and all three classes have impressed us with the way they express themselves.

Another key focus of the academic programme has been our ongoing project preparation. The focus of the Three Capitals project has been British Stereotypes. During project sessions the students have had the opportunity to discuss the many common stereotypes associated with the UK population, from a nation of tea drinkers and queue lovers to fish and chip eaters and red haired beauties. Each of the four project groups have chosen one stereotype they want to focus their attention on, have created a questionnaire and have zoomed around the streets of Edinburgh to ask the citizens to share their thoughts. Their findings will be revealed on Sunday evening when we arrive back in London. We’ll have to wait and see if their findings are true or if stereotypes are merely a work of fiction.