Three Captials final blog!

The end of week two on the Three Capitals tour is rapidly approaching and we have so much to fill you in on. From York, we’ve stopped at Alnwick Castle, Edinburgh, The Lake District, Manchester and Wales and now we are headed to Stonehenge before making our way back to London. Here are some of our highlights.

We spent some time at Alnwick Castle, which has been used not only in the popular TV show, Downtown Abbey, but most importantly for those potential wizards amongst you as the exterior of Hogwarts during the filming of the first and second Harry Potter films. Visitors even have the opportunity to take flight and have broomstick lessons!

Edinburgh was our longest stop on the tour. As well as English lessons we had the opportunity to explore different parts of the city, walk to Arthur’s seat and enjoy the scenery, march up the Royal Mile, experience some street performances at the famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival, venture into the historic Edinburgh Castle and see an Ethiopian Circus performance with acrobatics and human snakes.

Relaxation and tranquillity awaited us in Ambleside and Bowness, the two villages we had the pleasure of exploring in the Lake District. Our students were happily surrounded by swans and lakes and got to see first-hand why Beatrix Potter and the Romantic poet William Wordsworth loved the area so much.

Manchester was a football lover’s dream come true as we had a guided tour around the Etihad Stadium, home of Manchester City. As well as learning about the club’s history we got to see behind the scenes and experience the cheers of the roaring crowd pre-match in the glass tunnel. Some of our students were able to sit in the managers’ seats and imagine what it would be like to face the journalists at the post-game press conference. They really looked good in their new roles!

Wales was the third of our three capitals. Despite the change in weather, we didn’t let the rain dampen our spirits and we spent a lovely morning at Cardiff Castle, followed by an afternoon at the St. Fagan’s Welsh Life museum, which gave us an insight into how the Welsh communities lived in the past. From the quaint cottages, the smell of peat fires that scented the air and the beautiful gardens, it was an afternoon well spent.

It’s been an unforgettable two weeks on the road and we’ve loved having the opportunity to explore the UK with 26 of the best students we could have hoped for. We hope that they’ve had a blast! It’s over and out from us this year but we are already looking forward to an even better Three Capitals tour next year!