Tonbridge Young Leaders to Solve Nuclear Crisis for a Better World!

Another week has passed for our Tonbridge Young Leaders, and this has literally been explosive!

The programme has been quite intense on the academic side. After business and journalism, it is time for the United Nations. For this week’s project, our students had the opportunity to take part in a Model UN, i.e. a simulation of the UN General Assembly.

The aim of the summit? Solving the Nuclear Crisis and reaching an Agreement on Nuclear Weapons.

The week started with a full interactive lecture on the history, the role and the importance of the UN, to which followed, through the week, theory and academic skills lessons related to the main topics of the project: a case study on nuclear power, pressure groups, time management workshop and a whole interactive lecture on the art of Public Speaking.

For one week, no matter their nationality, students became official Delegatesor members of Pressure Groupsfrom a specific country. Through the various stages of project work, each group had to research their country’s position on nuclear weapons and build up their arguments for the summit debate.

As if it were not enough, Tonbridge school saw the members of the Pressure groups invadethe Delegates’ preliminary meeting on Sunday afternoon. This was a moment of massive propaganda against (or in favour of) nuclear weapons.

The week culminated with our students traveling to Corpus Christy Collegein Cambridge, where the actual Assembly took place (after a nice morning punting). After an introductory speech by the President of the Assembly, all the Delegates and members of the Pressure Groups engaged in an intense and deepfelt debated moderated by the Bucksmore UN Secretary-General. This was followed by an unmoderated negotiation, which resulted in the new Bucksmore Agreement 2019 on Nuclear Weapons, signed and ratified by the YL delegates from India, Russia, Japan, South Africa, UK, USA, Brazil and the Marshall Islands.

Even in desperate times, our Tonbridge Young Leaders keep the flame of hope alive and let us dream of a better future. Well done, Tonbridge!