Tonbridge Young Leaders at the Zoo

As the Young Leaders course drew to a close at the Tonbridge centre, our penultimate excursion was a trip to London Zoo.

Boarding the bus in sleepy Kent we arrived in the morning sun circling Regents Park.
We fashioned an advanced viewing strategy to enhance our visit and staged a systematic and methodical approach to ensure we visited as much as possible whilst catching up with Otter snack time at 11.30 and Tiger talks at 12.00. Clearly, we had some Young Leaders amongst us!

A leisurely stroll through Penguin Beach led us to Butterfly Paradise. Hot and humid we ducked and weaved are way through the sticky enclosure. Hints of Mohammed Ali tinged the light.

The Bug House proved not for the faint hearted, but survivers we were, as we enterred the ancient ruins of the Big Cats Territory.

Like the Asiatic Lions we saw before us we circled our prey, first the lethargic Lions, before turning our heads to the Tigers.

It was then we were told that Otter Snack Time was not on today. But as true leaders, it did not throw the group off. Improvise, adapt, overcome. We decided instead to have a snack time of our own before crowding round the Tigers enclosure to watch the giant beast wrestle and play for its dinner.

After that enthralling piece of theater, we skated past apes, snakes, hippos and plently more before heading out towards the vast grassy fields of Regents Park to stop for lunch.