Trash Fashion Evening at Young Leaders

On a Tuesday evening on Corpus Christi Campus a rather strange sight appeared. A team of Counsellors were spotted heading down to the Pelican Bar – the Corpus Christi event room – with armfuls of “trash”! Cardboard boxes, paper plates, tinfoil, newspaper, crepe paper, magazines… you name it the Counsellors had it and LOTS of it! It was time for Trash Fashion!

Students gathered into the Pelican Bar at eight o’clock and the fun began!

Students were allowed to choose a team of seven people to create fashion master pieces. One or two “models” were elected by their team mates as well as a “scout” who was in charge of selecting and bringing building materials from the large selection provided. The hard part? Only one pair of scissors was provided per team forcing great ingenuity and cooperation. After a period of planning and sketching the “scouts” were released to the “trash” piles and mayhem ensued!

The staff decided to enter a team and soon the whole room was full of laughter. Many teams picked a theme – the staff began creating a Warrior Goddess while a neighbouring team recreated the Wonder-Woman costumes. After forty five minutes the Judges were assembled.

The Judges included staff from the Bucksmore Cambridge course as well as the campus Night Porter. The Judges lined themselves up at the end of the runway and the models strutted and posed down the stairs of the Pelican Bar to the cheers of the staff and students alike. Cheesy disco music accompanied the models performance adding to the merriment of the evening!

The Judges conferred- it was a difficult choice- too close to call without a second viewing of the top two teams. A sudden death round ensued – the Fairy Tale Couple versus the Back to the Future Girl!

A second round of posing later and the winners were decided – the Fairytale Mr and Mrs and their team had won! The prize? A trip up the Brighton i360 with their team and the Activity Leaders on the forthcoming Brighton Excursion!