Young Leaders took a trip to Brighton

It was a beautiful sunny day and shortly after breakfast the students set off for the coaches with their packed lunches in hand. Destination: Brighton! Although it was long, everyone enjoyed the coach journey, singing and chatting all the way there. We arrived at 11.30, we were dropped off on the sea front and got immediately into groups for a walking tour. The counsellors and activity leaders took their groups to see all the main sights such as the Victoria Fountain, the Brighton Pavilion and the Lanes (famous shopping streets in Brighton!), giving information and explanations as they went along.

After the walking tour, which ended at the entrance to Brighton Pier, everyone was given a food voucher, a wristband giving them access to all the rides on the pier and were sent off to enjoy plenty of free time. They spent this time riding the rollercoasters, sunbathing on the beach and checking out Brighton’s cute and quirky shops. The students particularly enjoyed trying our traditional culinary delight: fish and chips!  Unfortunately, some of them had to face off with the infamous Brighton seagulls who managed to steal much of their lunch from their picnic spot on the beach (Poor Nathan!).

At 3 o’clock a lucky group of twelve students who had won a tower building activity a few days before got to enjoy their prize, a ride up the i360 tower. They were taken up 162 metres to the panoramic view of Brighton, the South Downs and the English Channel. This new “vertical pier” delighted the would-be architects and was “AMAZING!” according to Boris the team leader.

The day ended with a round of congratulatory selfies and a subsequent spike in Instagram and Facebook activity (#bucksmorewinner). The group were then assembled for a final group photo and headed for the coaches. The journey home started off with a few rounds of lively Spanish karaoke but within twenty minutes the soft sway of the coach soon lulled the tired but satisfied Young Leaders into a deep sleep (all except Nathan who had a nightmare about seagulls).