Pastoral Care & Safeguarding

Our Nord Anglia Advisory Board helps Bucksmore ensure that everything we do is underpinned by the commitment to provide the utmost care and safety of our students. 

Unprecedented safety and care

We uphold high staff to student ratios to ensure all students are known and their physical and mental well-being is catered for throughout their time with us. 

Every course has an extensive staffing structure that allows for the careful monitoring of our students and their safety and happiness throughout their time at Bucksmore.

Our staff

Each course is overseen by a Centre Manager who runs the day-to-day operations of the programme. They are supported, within the course management team, by a Director of Studies who oversees the academic aspects of the course and an Activity Manager who runs the activities and excursions timetable. Depending on the course, the management team are assisted by Counsellors and/or Tutors who care for students pastorally, culturally and socially.

Across all courses, the staff are residential (with the exception of tutors on the Advanced Studies Programme and Young Professionals) which means that there is support available to students 24/7. Day or night, students can talk to Bucksmore members of staff about any issues or concerns they may have about all aspects of the course.


Safeguarding & Welfare

All members of staff on our programmes have to complete compulsory safeguarding training before they can work on our programmes, regardless of whether they have worked for us before or not. They also go through intensive in-person training with members of Head Office before the course starts, to ensure all protocols and policies are maintained throughout the summer. Each course also has at least 2 first-aid trained members of staff to attend to any injuries or health issues.

Safeguarding Lead