Pre-Arrival Information


As we enter into our 43rd Bucksmore summer, we are as excited as ever to welcome over 900 students to our inspiring and fun-filled venues and courses this summer. Below, you can find useful information for the summer including pre-arrival guides for each venue. Please make sure you read your relevant guide carefully, as the answers to many of your questions will be there!

Pre-Arrival Guides

You can find detailed information about what to expect for every venue in our Pre-Arrival Guide. Please make sure to download your relevant guide and read it carefully, and make sure your student/child has also read it and is aware of the centre rules and policies.

Arriving at Bucksmore

Upon arriving at the summer school, students will first register with the Centre Manager and then be shown to their room and given time to settle in. Depending on the time of arrival, students will then go for lunch or dinner and then take part in the organised activities with their new peers. We will also encourage students to contact their parents to let them know they've arrived, so keep an eye out for their message!


For registration on arrival, students will need to bring information listed below. Although we do ask for the information before arriving, it is important to collect this a second time, in case anything has been missed or forgotten!

  • Date of birth
  • Next of kin (parent/guardian)
  • Next of kin mobile number
  • Home telephone number
  • Home address
  • Medical information (including allergies)
  • Dietary requirements
  • Other special requirements

Passports, Travel Documents & Money

On arrival students MUST deposit all their money with us (including travellers’ cheques and all currency) for safekeeping in their pocket money account. Each centre has ‘banking sessions’ most days of the week when students can withdraw money. We cannot be held responsible for any money not handed over to us. Students must also hand in their passport and travel documents upon arrival for safekeeping.

Pocket Money

All summer school courses at Bucksmore Education are all-inclusive (e.g. all meals, entrances to attractions, travel, academic materials, etc.). However, all students want to spend money on souvenirs, extra sweets and drinks, and personal shopping.

We suggest a maximum of £50 per week, although you can send more. However, for obvious reasons, we do not recommend that you send amounts of cash much larger than £150 per week. If necessary, you should consider giving your child a credit card or ATM card. We recommend sending your child with enough money for the summer, as we can store this in a safe.

Please also check the Key Deposit section in this pack for the deposit required for your child's centre.

Mobile Phones & Laptops

All Bucksmore summer schools have Wi-Fi available on-site throughout the campus. Mobile phones and laptops are a great way for students to stay in contact with families back home (e.g. via WhatsApp or Skype). Whilst Bucksmore Education will make every effort to provide as safe and secure a school environment as possible, we cannot take liability for lost, stolen or broken personal items.

Mobile phones are very useful but also very distracting for students! We want the full attention and input of our students so if we find any student using their mobile phone during lessons or organised activities we will confiscate it for 24 hours. You can find our mobile phone policy on our website:

Contacting Your Child

If you want to ring your child’s mobile please contact them outside of lessons and organised activities. The best time to call is between 13:00 - 13:45 at lunch and 18:00 - 19:00 at dinner (British Summer Time), or just before bedtime.

We will aim to update our News page each week with photos and information on what is happening at the summer school. This can be found at


Each centre has its own 24 hour emergency telephone number. This number can be used by a student needing to contact a member of staff urgently. In the case of an emergency it is vitally important that we have the right contact details for students and their families, so please ensure that all contact information you give us upon registration is correct and up to date.

There is also a 24 hour Head Office emergency number which you can contact for emergencies: +44 7467 249870.

Centre Contact List

If a parent or guardian wishes to contact Bucksmore whilst their child is attending a course, they should contact the Centre Manager of their child’s course directly, via email or telephone. Contact details for every centre can be found in our Centre Contact Guide 2024. Prior to that, you can contact our Admissions Team using the details on our Contact Us page.

Illness and Medication

At each centre, there is a minimum of two first aid trained staff members. Our first aid trained staff can provide students with basic medications such as paracetamol or throat lozenges. Permission for this must be indicated on the medical form completed by the parent before the course begins.

If a student needs to visit the doctor, it will come with an extra cost. Students who are not resident in the UK for more than 6 months are not eligible for National Health Service (NHS) treatment. Bucksmore travel insurance will cover any medical fees that they incur whilst attending. However, students are responsible for a £50 excess on medical expenses.

Students must indicate if they are regularly taking medication or have any medical conditions when they make their application. Provided we are aware of medications prior to the summer, we are able to accommodate to most needs including refrigeration of prescribed medications and, monitoring and assisting with administration.


All students attending our courses will automatically be enrolled into our insurance policy as part of their course fees which includes comprehensive cover for medical expenses, course cancellation and personal injury amongst other coverages. You can find out more on our website (

Whilst our insurance is comprehensive, we do suggest that students take out additional travel insurance to cover any issues not included in our cover.

Student Welfare

The safeguarding and well-being of all students on our courses is our main priority. At each Bucksmore summer school, all residential staff will have received “Level One” safeguarding training, and the school management team will have received “Level Two” training.

In the unlikely event that your child has concerns about their well-being during their stay, please encourage them to contact the Centre Manager. Alternatively, the Designated Safeguarding Lead for all of Bucksmore Education’s schools is Steve Wheeler (, +44 2033 349 300).

All schools in the United Kingdom take part in the government’s ‘Prevent’ strategy, to stop people becoming involved in violent extremism and/or supporting terrorism. More information on Bucksmore’s ‘Prevent’ strategy, as well as our Student Safeguarding Policy, can be found in our detailed written welfare policies, located on our website:


Whilst lesson times are fixed, the social programme is planned and organised by a dedicated Activity Manager, who is responsible for choosing and coordinating weekly activities and excursions. One of the key responsibilities of an Activity Manager is to respond to student requests and ensure that all students have a fantastic time during their stay. Therefore, it is impossible to provide exact timetables (including excursion destinations and activities) until a few days before the start of each week. This allows activities and excursions to be amended and acknowledge student feedback, which we have found results in higher levels of student satisfaction and enjoyment. Below are sample timetables from each centre:

d'Overbroeck's College

Oxford International College

Kings College London

St Hilda's College, Oxford

Oxford International College, Brighton

Key Deposit

A key deposit of £50 is required for students staying at King Edward's School, which will be collected on arrival in cash and returned on departure, so please make sure that your child arrives with enough cash tocover the deposit and for their own personal spending!

Keeping in Touch During the Summer

The summer is a very busy time for all involved with many different lessons, activities, excursions and overall experiences happening across our venues. To find out what each centre has been up to on a weekly basis, visit our News Page where you will find detailed blogs for each venue explaining what students have been doing. Make sure you also follow us on our socials (Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn) for regular photos and videos of all the action!

To make sure students are fully immersed in their Bucksmore experience, we keep them busy all day long which can often mean that students forget to message their parents (it happens, believe us!). If you haven't heard from your child in a day or two, please feel free to send us an email at Head Office so that we can ask the centre staff to remind them to contact you. Please try to avoid contacting the Centre Managers directly, as they are incredibly busy people ensuring the safety and happiness of many students, so their response may be delayed. If you contact us at Head Office first, we can help to achieve a quick update by going through our internal channels.

Other Useful Information 

For further information surrounding the summer, please visit our Useful Information Page or our Policies page.

Our ultimate aim for the summer is for our students to have a memorable and enjoyable experience, but it is just as important that parents and guardians feel reassured and trust that we, at Bucksmore Education, provide a valuable, reliable and efficient service at all times. With this in mind, please do not hesitate to contact us for any matter, big or small, so that we can help to resolve the issue quickly.

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