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Online Pre-sessional English

Programme Information

Depending on their academic goals and needs students can choose to take either the 5-week or 8-week programme. Both programmes take place from Monday to Friday and are taught through a combination of small classes, one-to-one sessions, lectures and seminars, projects and guided independent study.

Course Options

8-week programme

This course is designed to help students progress one IELTS band from 4.0 to 5.0 overall, or 4.5 to 5.5 depending on their entry skills.

5 -week programme

This course is designed to help students progress half an IELTS band from 4.5 to 5.0 overall, or 5.0 to 5.5 depending on their entry skills.

Course Overview


The English Lessons are focused on helping students improve their proficiency and confidence in English, to help them reach to the IELTS level they need.

Contact Hours

Students have 12-15 hours per week of group lessons on a combination of general and academic English, including induction and assessment sessions.

Course Materials

In addition to the live lessons, students will have access to online resources and will receive a physical copy of the coursebook.

Session Details

Sessions focus on:

• The four basic skills
• TED talks
• Presentation skills
• Vocabulary and grammar revision
• Critical thinking
• Academic skills
•  Exam techniques and strategies
• Review sessions
• “Your choice” – student-centred approach to syllabus

Guided Learning Hours

Students will have 1.5 hours a day of guided learning during the course. During this time they will take on individual self-study projects, such as creating their own TED talks, allow students to develop independent and personal learning skills.

Self-study projects weeks 1-3

During their guided learning hours, students will work:
• Their online journey and setting SMART goals for themselves
• Their personal project (Weeks 1-3)
• Moodle and other online tasks
• Recording language learnt on Quizlet, Kahoot, Padlet, etc.
• Their bio and CV
• Keeping reading diaries and entries

Self-study projects weeks 4-8

In addition to the weeks above, students will work on:
• Their personal statements
• The Extended Project
• Their very own TED talk


To enable students to meet students from around the world, students will have shared between the two time zones most days.

Shared Sessions Hours

Students will enjoy 1.5 hours of shared sessions on most days. For students in Time Zone 1, these sessions will occur in the afternoon, for students in Time Zone 2 these sessions will occur in the morning.

One-to-one sessions

Students will also have 30-minute individuals sessions most weeks with the course lead tutor to set and monitor smart goals for the course.

For students progressing to d’Overbroeck’s or Oxford Sixth Form College, there will also be three individual sessions over the 8-week course or two over the 5-week course, to help students become familiar with their new school.

Skills-based Tuition Content

• Introduction to e-tuition
• Online learning and Moodle skills
• Group project sessions each week
• Individual tutorials with the course tutor(s)
• Individual tutorials with School Mentors
• Study skills sessions (e.g., note-taking, revision skills, study strategies)
• Lectures on UK Culture and Education

Is the course available in my time zone?

Time Zone 1

Classes start at 02.00 BST.
Suitable for students based in China (+7 hours), eastern Russia, and Southern Asia.

Time Zone Two

Classes start at 08.00 BST. Suitable for students based in Moscow (+2 hours), Turkey, and Europe.

Outside these times

If you cannot attend either of these scheduled classes, we can offer elements of real-time class tuition, with supporting 1:1 sessions and recorded delivery.

Sample timetable

Time Zone 1 (BST +8)Session 1
(Time Zone 1
09:00 – 12:30,
BST 02:00 – 05:30)
Session 2
(Time Zone 1 12:30 – 14:00, BST 05:30 – 07:00)
Session 3
(Time Zone 1 15:00 – 16:30, BST 08:00 – 09:30)
Course Introduction & Initial Language TestGuided Learning:
My Online Learning Experience
Afternoon off
TuesdayEnglish Lesson: TED Talk & Reading Personal BrandingGuided Learning:
My Own Personal Branding
Introduction to Moodle & Online Self-study Skills
WednesdayEnglish Lesson: Listening & Speaking Viral VideosGuided Learning:
My Personal Project
Project Introduction
ThursdayEnglish Lesson:
Writing & Grammar Creating a Digital Presence
Guided Learning:
Online Research Project
Individual Tutorial with lead tutor (30 minutes)
FridayEnglish Lesson:
Vocabulary & Presentation Skills Making Your Point
Guided Learning:
Moodle and Online Tasks
Project Preparation

Dates and fees

Course lengthDatesContact hoursTotal Price
5 weeks27 July to 28 August 202027.5 hours per week,
137.5 hours in total
8 weeks6 July to 28 August 202027.5 hours per week,
220 hours in total

How do I reserve my place?

To secure your place, contact your local Oxford International representative or email