Recruitment FAQs

Our most commonly asked questions can be found below. If you still have a query, please contact our Recruitment Manager.


Why work for Bucksmore?

Bucksmore Education is full of history and tradition, but also originality and challenge. We have a diverse range of courses for a wide range of students that require the staff to match. In our 44th anniversary year, we are looking to perfect and improve the quality of our prestigious summer schools more than ever before and we are proud of the summer programmes we offer. It is our goal that each of our courses are the best course that our students have ever attended.

What we are looking for?

Where possible we want staff with lots of previous experience but we are open to staff of all ages, experience and levels of training! Some staff might be newly qualified but make up for less teaching experience with skills and abilities in other areas.

Summer courses are very demanding environments and call for lots of enthusiasm and people of lots of different skill sets.


EFL Teacher (Counsellor)

The majority of our EFL teaching staff undertake our ‘EFL Counsellor’ role. This is a much more involved role than just teaching and staff get to interact with students throughout the working day. We are relatively restricted when it comes to hiring EFL teaching staff due to British Council requirements. We require all teachers to have a degree and a recognised teaching qualification (i.e. CELTA, Trinity Cert Tesol teaching certificate or relevant PGCE or equivalent). Some University EFL teaching courses are acceptable but in general a course must have had 120 hours of input sessions and a minimum of 6 hours observed teaching practice. Some non-residential teaching roles may be available.

Programme Counsellor – ASP and Young Professionals

Our ASP and Young Professionals Programme counsellors take on a pivotal role in our non EFL courses. For our University Experience courses like our Advanced Studies Program and Young Professionals, academic content is delivered by tutors. Our ASP and Young Professionals Programme counsellors deliver project work, help with practical sessions and workshops but also act as the main point of contact for students. Knowledge of the local area and the ability to provide students with an insight into University life is ideal.

Director of Studies / Academic Manager

All Directors of Studies will need to have a Diploma level qualification and relevant experience to take on the role at our EFL centres (a British Council requirement). We also have Academic manager roles where staff are not required to have the same level of qualification and this is paid at a lower level. Academic Management roles require a great deal of organisation.

Activity Manager

Our Activity Managers come from all sorts of backgrounds but the main requirement is to know how summer schools operate and what works with students! As our centres have different age groups it is important to know what kind of activities will work well with students of older or younger age groups. Creativity, Energy and Staff motivation is a huge part of this role – especially when coming to the later stages of a course.

Centre Manager

Our management teams are the glue that keeps our centres together and it is the Centre manager that is the main component. This is a role that requires a great attention to detail and experience in working in similar environments. The Centre Manager is the Safeguarding Lead for their centre, and is responsible for ensuring our centres are delivering high premium courses, in all components of the programme.

Activity Leader

Generally this is a non-residential position and we look for staff with a background of working with children and some experience or enthusiasm in common summer school activities like sports or arts and crafts. Staff need to be based close to our centre(s) and are likely to work afternoons, evenings and weekends.


Our subject tutors provide the academic content on our Advanced Studies Programme, and Young Professionals. This is a non-residential position and is subject specific.

Support staff

Some of our larger centres require support staff such as centre registrars in order to assist the management team with administrative duties.

What is your recruitment process?

Full information can be found here:

Bucksmore Recruitment Process

Do I have to apply online or is an application via email acceptable?

We always welcome applications via email but nevertheless request all applicants to complete our online application form as part of our safer recruitment process. If the online form is not working for you (here) please let us know.

I have applied but no-one has responded to my application

Sometimes we do have technical problems and aim to respond to all applicants within 1-2 working days on receipt of an application. If you have had no response from your application please email  to let us know. If we have responded and you have not received an offer of an interview it can be for various reasons but we cannot guarantee that we can offer every applicant an interview.

Do I need to have a police check?

As part of safer recruitment, all staff members are required to have a valid police check from their country of residence. All staff on our summer courses work with students under the age of 18 so this is a non-negotiable requirement in line with our safeguarding policy.

Do I need to provide references?

Yes, all new members of staff are required to provide 2 references. These must come from a ‘professional’ email address. Academic references can be acceptable if necessary.

Do you provide course materials?

This depends on which course you might be involved in. Our EFL courses have a syllabus that is developed in house but each class is different so there will be some aspect of tailoring classes to their needs as well as to your teaching style. Our academic enrichment and university experience courses often entail more input from staff with regards to materials.

Do you offer accommodation?

With a few exceptions, all of our roles are residential. We do not ask staff to pay for their accommodation or food and do not ask for them to share a room.

My position is non-residential – do you offer accommodation if it is requested?

Unfortunately, no. We can only offer residential positions to the roles where we have specified. As a result, all non-residential members of staff need to be able to travel centre from where they live.

Tutors – how much experience do I need?

Our tutors are required to have at least some experience of teaching in a formal or informal setting and all of our tutors should have a postgraduate level of education. The most important thing for tutors is subject knowledge and then experience of working with young people.

Do you accept online EFL teaching certificates?

Unfortunately, online teaching certificates do not provide the required observed teaching practice and it is unlikely that we would be able to offer an interview. If you have had practical experience it is possible that you might be suited to some roles we have but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to get back to you. If we cannot offer an applicant a teaching role we may offer a different role that might be suited to their experience and background.

Do I have to be an expert at sports or other activities?

Not at all! It would be great if you were an expertly qualified coach but enthusiasm and willingness to get stuck in is often more important. We want our staff to be happy to throw their hand at anything and try – it is the most important thing to be able to make our student experience the best they have ever had.

Tax and Pay

All staff are subject to statutory payments that we have no control over. This makes it all the more important to provide the correct details on staff paperwork. If you have not worked in the UK in this tax year it is unlikely that you will have any tax deductions, if you do receive deductions on salary it is possible to reclaim any tax paid on earnings up to the yearly UK threshold. All staff are subject to National Insurance payments – the process for reclaiming this is much more complex.

Pensions – as summer staff are temporary they are generally excluded from pension contributions.

All staff are paid as per the dates and terms in their contract.

Can I work in the UK?

All of our staff need to be eligible to work in the UK. Currently this means a UK or Irish citizen or someone holding a valid UK work permit. We are afraid that we cannot support applications for visas to work in the UK at this stage.

EU citizens will need to ensure they have the right to work in the UK since Brexit, as situations have unfortunately changed. Please visit  to see the eligibility for working in the UK.

Can I choose which centre I will work at?

We always ask staff which centre they would like to work at in order of preference but this is not always possible to accommodate due to operational requirements. If you would like to work with a friend who is already employed with us we cannot promise that we will offer a role at the same centre but can take any such request in to consideration.

What working hours should I expect in a residential role?

All residential members of staff (including management) will work six days per week. Bucksmore students are all residential and this means work hours will be spread across morning, afternoon and evening sessions in a typical week.

Will I have the same day off every week?

The Centre Manager schedules the rota one week in advance and staff are assigned days off based on the number of students and operational needs of the centre. Centre Managers will take requests for specific days off into account.

Can I take holiday during the summer?

Unfortunately not unless we agree this as part of conditions of employment prior to the commencement of the contract. Due to the nature of residential summer work we cannot offer holiday on short-term contracts. In lieu of holiday we pay an additional 12.07% on top of basic weekly salary.

Do you pay for my travel to the course?

Bucksmore does not expense travel to centres at the start of your contract, however we do cover expenses when travelling between centres if you have more than one contract.

Do you have a child protection policy?

The Bucksmore Safeguarding and Child Protection policy can be found here.