Seasonal Recruitment Process

Returner recruitment

We ensure that previous staff that have indicated interest in returning are contacted to check their availability and confirm if they would like to return. Typically, more than half of our staff come back every year.

Offer of employment or interview – returners

If a returning member of staff requests to return in the same role, we are likely to offer a role that matches as best as possible with their request for dates and location. If a role with more responsibility has been requested and they fit the role specification an interview will be offered. 

Applications – new staff

In early January we open up our roles to all new staff members. It is around this time that we will know better our recruitment needs. 
Recruitment is likely to be ongoing until close up to the summer and start of our courses. It is hard to predict exact staffing requirements as student bookings are not always predictable. 


How to apply

Please apply via our online form (HERE) to notify us of your interest in a role. If your application is not acknowledged within 7 days (a working week) please get in touch via email at .

All applicants that apply via email to our Recruitment Manager, our contact email or 3rd party recruitment sites will also be requested to fill in our online application.

All applications will be reviewed and shortlisted with successful applicants offered an interview. We provide as much pre-interview information as possible for our roles.

If you do not receive a further email to our initial response then we are afraid that it is unlikely that we will be able to offer you an interview. We receive a very large number of applications for all of our roles and can only get back to those who we think are most suitable.


Interviews are usually online and require video – normally via Microsoft Teams. Video calls are necessary for safeguarding purposes. Unfortunately, we cannot easily offer interviews in person due to the volume of applications.

Offer of employment

Following the interview, we will get in touch to provisionally offer successful candidates a role or otherwise inform you if you have not been successful. If successful and you accept a role we will send out contract documents and paperwork as soon as possible. Please understand that we cannot hire everyone that we interview and feedback is not always possible.

Where possible, we will try to offer a role at a location that you would prefer but it is important for us is to fit a member of staff in the centre that best fits their background and experience.

We also offer potential staff contracts that we are confident that we can honour. We do not want to offer staff a longer contract and have to shorten it due to operational reasons and student numbers. A typical contract length is 4 weeks.

Second Interview

For any senior or management role, we require successful new applicants to have a second interview. If a role has specific requirements, it is important for us to be able to ensure that staff can fulfil these at a centre. We normally provide interview tasks that are relevant to the role.


It is important to get paperwork back to us as soon as you can. Our pre-employment packs need to be completed by all staff – be it returning or new staff. All of our forms should be easily editable and easy to use. We require information that is as up to date as possible – people often change address and bank details so we cannot assume that details do not change from year to year.


All returning staff need to have at least one reference and all new staff need to have at least 2 references. Please ensure that your reference is happy to be contacted and that they will be able to reply. If we do not have a reply from a reference, we will request that you provide an alternative. A reference should come from a professional email wherever possible.

Do I need to have a police check or DBS?

Yes. All staff members need to have a valid DBS form and an in date police check from their country of residence (if they reside outside the UK).

Safeguarding requirements mean that all non-UK based staff members need to have a 2024 police check from their country of residence. If staff are permentently UK based, they only require a DBS check. A DBS check must have been organised by us to be valid – unfortunately, we cannot accept a DBS from a 3rd party provider or a different employer unless an employee has signed up to the DBS ‘update service’. We understand that this can be quite frustrating so we take on half the costs of the DBS and charge staff £23.15. This year will we also be putting all new DBS’s applications on the Update service and covering half the cost which is £6.50, which makes it beneficial for the employee if they would like to return to Bucksmore the following year. If a DBS or police check comes back to us with any negative information, we will have to run a risk assessment for your application and it is likely that the offer of employment will have to be withdrawn.


Contracts will be issued to all staff as soon as is practicable. We offer staff contracts that we are confident that we can honour (we do not want to offer staff contracts that are longer than we can honour and have to cancel!). Where circumstances change due to staffing shortages and student numbers it is possible that we will ask staff to move from one centre to another. It is often but not always possible that we will be able to extend staff contracts but possibly at a different location.

Things can change

As with us, circumstances can also change with you too! If you have been offered a role that you cannot take up we need to know as soon as possible in order to find a suitable replacement member of staff.

If your situation does change and you can no longer work for us or would like to work for a different period of time we honestly do not mind but we do need to know.

More questions?

Visit our FAQ page for our most commonly asked questions.