Our Teaching Philosophy


Academic Ethos

Bucksmore Education strives to create inclusive, student-centered learning environments that challenge and inspire students. For more than four decades, Bucksmore Education has continued to evolve our pedagogical practices in line with emerging research, current events, and innovation. We embrace multicultural values and encourage a global community of future leaders in all our courses, whether online or in-person. Our teaching philosophy is centered on the following values: 

Creating a Student-Centered Learning Environment

We strive to create opportunities for all students, regardless of age, gender, grade, or educational experience, to excel in our courses. We encourage students to set their own pace of learning and celebrate curiosity, and recognize that our students, who come from over 120 nationalities, bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and insight into our classrooms. We believe that invaluable learning can occur when students and teachers work together to facilitate learning. Our pedagogy encourages cooperative learning that creates meaningful educational experiences that foster leadership, innovation, and teamwork among students and teachers.

Authentic Learning

Our pedagogical approach draws from theories of authentic learning that recognize learning is an active process. Authentic learning can be defined as a pedagogical approach that encourages exploration and meaningful discussion between students and teachers based in relevant contexts (National Research Council, 1999). We train our tutors and staff to encourage individual student exploration using real-world examples and case studies. Our curriculum incorporates multicultural concepts and ideas to foster critical thinking, self-reflection, and imagination. 

Embracing Multicultural Values

At Bucksmore, we strive to embrace new teaching practices that reflect today’s multicultural and globalized world. We aim to inspire the next generation of future leaders who will challenge ongoing social issues, such as racism and sexism, to create a more sustainable and equitable future.

Teaching Beyond the Classroom

Our courses replicate premium educational experiences in top UK universities and boarding schools. However, we believe that learning is not restricted to our prestigious host institutions, but rather can occur at any time. Our pedagogical approach takes learning and teaching outside the classroom to take advantage of the rich educational experiences that can occur anywhere in the world. Unique programme components, such as Study-in-Action trips and cultural excursions, provide students with challenging and unique opportunities to learn and explore.

Sustainability Pledge

Bucksmore Education recognizes the importance of environmental responsibility. Many of our courses aim to inspire social responsibility and passion for positive change. For example, our flagship course, Young Leaders, fosters strong leadership and innovation with a curriculum centered on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.  

Here in the United Kingdom, one of the most carbon intense countries, the onus is on us to commit to sustainable climate action. We are currently working with our partners, suppliers, and agents to develop a sustainability pledge throughout all aspects of our business that reflects the values of our students, parents, and teachers. Together, Bucksmore Education and our inspiring students will strive to create meaningful sustainability initiatives for the future.