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Arriving And Departing

Bucksmore offer free transfers to and from the airport on transfer days. We offer this service from Gatwick and Heathrow Airports for all courses, plus Stansted and St Pancras Rail Station for Cambridge University colleges, and London City for London courses, between 10.00 and 22.00 BST.

We try to keep the waiting time as short as possible because we know students are tired after a long journey and are excited to get to the centre as quickly as possible. Occasionally your child may have to wait at the airport for another flight arriving at a similar time but they will always be with a Counsellor and the maximum waiting time we aim for is 1 hour.

Transfer days are very complicated days so please make sure you send your flight details to Head Office as soon as possible.


Arriving in the UK

  • Make sure Head Office have the correct flight details as far in advance of the summer as possible.
  • If a flight is delayed don’t worry; we have access to live arrival time updates from all major UK airports.
  • Once your child has gone through passport control and reclaimed their luggage they should proceed to Arrivals.
  • They will met at Arrivals by a Bucksmore Counsellor wearing a dark red Bucksmore t-shirt and holding a large sign with your child’s name on.
  • Once the Counsellor has met your child, the Counsellor will have full details about where they are going next and how long before they arrive at the centre and begin their Bucksmore summer programme.


Leaving the UK

  • Your child will be accompanied to the airport by a Counsellor.
  • We always make sure they arrive long before take-off so they have lots of time to check-in and relax before their flight.
  • The Counsellor will accompany your child to check-in and help them check in successfully.
  • The Counsellors can’t go through Airport Security but they will remain in the airport until your child’s plane has taken off.


Unaccompanied Minors

You need to contact your airline in advance to ask about their official policy for students travelling alone. Every airline has very clear instructions for parents and the age limit for travelling alone varies for each company.

You will need to download an Unaccompanied Minors form from the “Downloads” page and take it to check-in. Airline staff will look after your child from the moment you leave until they are handed over to a member of Bucksmore staff upon arrival in the UK. Our Bucksmore staff will have a signed form from the Centre Manager and will be wearing a red Bucksmore t-shirt so they can be easily seen.

When departing the UK, a Bucksmore staff member will accompany your child to check-in and help them with anything they need. If they are an Unaccompanied Minor the Bucksmore staff member will stay with your child until they are personally handed over to airline staff and will stay in the airport until the flight has departed.