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4th Floor Nova South
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Coding Juniors



Coding Juniors requires a minimum of intermediate (B1) level English.


This course is suitable for students aged 10-13.

Academic Information

Our trusted partners Computer Xplorers, specialists in computer courses for children, will run interactive workshops designed specifically for Bucksmore’s ambitious international students.

Students will undertake a new project each week of the course. In Week 1, students will create an innovative app. In the second week, students will enter the AstroPi competition and create a programme for the International Space Station

To get started on their projects, students will receive a brand new Rasberry Pi kit, with additional materials to help them take their projects further.


What is in your Raspberry Pi kit?

Raspberry Pi 4 2GB

The Raspberry Pi is a tiny desktop computer that can support a dual display, including a 4k display. It is full speed and built to be energy efficient and performance focussed at the same time. It has the potential to be a multimedia centre, a PC on its own, a router, your very own Minecraft server, a spy camera, a motion sensor, or whatever you construct it to be. The limit is only your imagination and Python coding skills, and we help students develop both.

Sense HAT

The Sense HAT! is an add-on board for your Raspberry Pi, which turns your microcomputer into an Astro Pi! It has an 8x8 LED matrix, a five-button joystick and introduces the sensors every astronaut needs including a gyroscope, magnetometer, accelerometer, temperature, barometric pressure, humidity and many more. The Sense HAT! was even used on the International Space Station.

Pi NoIR Camera V2

The Pi NoIR Camera V2 is an infrared camera module that has an 8MP Sony camera sensor built-in. The NoIR stands for No InfraRed filter, which means that your daytime pictures will look curious, and you will be able to see in the dark! Did you know that this camera is incredibly popular among wildlife hobbyist for the ability to use night-vision and capture even wild bears in the darkness? Combined with the Sense HAT, you will be able to detect space anomalies - we can detect some exciting projects ahead!

How many hours will I study for?

Students will have access to 5 hours of pre-course materials prior to starting the course. During the course, students will have 15 hours of Coding workshops and project work each week, plus two hours of skills and careers workshops. Sessions are broken up with regular breaks to ensure younger students have a balance between time on and off-screen. Sessions have been carefully structured to ensure students can join easily in most time zones.

Sample timetable

 Session 1
(UK time 08:00-09:30)
Session 2
(UK time 09:45-11:15)
Session 3
(UK time 11:30 - 12:30)
Introduction to PythonProject Introduction - Tik Tok Video with Raspberry Pi
TuesdayWriting Code in an EditorProgramming Pi Components21st Century Thinking
WednesdayMore Modules - Tkinter, CameraTime Lapse Video
ThursdayGame Coding and DebuggingProject Preparation: Tik Tok Movement Video
FridayProject Preparation: Coding and DevelopmentProject PresentationGuest Speaker

When can I start the course?

You can choose to do this course for one or two weeks. The course runs from Monday to Friday.

Course dates and fees

Course lengthStart datesTotal Price
1 week (15 hours)6 July£700
2 weeks (30 hours)6 July£1400

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