Why choose Bucksmore Education?

The heart of what we do is our ambition to empower students to build their purpose, be a positive impact on the world and develop a broader international perspective.

Meaningful and relevant learning experiences

At Bucksmore Education, we offer students more than just a summer programme. Our Educational Continuum ensures students can follow a structured and supported academic pathway that will help them to discover and achieve their passions and aspirations in university and beyond.

We achieve this through diverse pedagogical methods, including small class sizes, hands-on workshops, project work, lectures from key speakers, cultural excursions, career specific visits, and more. We ensure our students have a holistic learning experience that broadens and enhances their academic profile.

Innovation and ambition

For many years, Bucksmore has been the leader in developing new and innovative courses that help students to bridge the gap between the future of education and the future of work, within the context of what has become a highly competitive and VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world. We are proud of the opportunities we provide to students, whether it be an academic or industry certification to differentiate their university application on our Academic Enhancement courses, an IELTS examination pass after attending our IELTS Preparation course, or writing a superb personal statement for university after attending our Advanced Studies Programme.  

We work every day to inspire our students and help them achieve their potential.

Inspiring staff

Our course staff and tutors hold extensive industry and academic experience. This enables students to receive purposeful and relevant knowledge and training in a safe and supportive environment. We employ passionate English language tutors who guide and encourage students to develop their language skills, Oxbridge academics who challenge students and inspire them to explore their subjects in greater depth, and workshop leaders who link academic understanding with real world applications.

All Bucksmore staff have a genuine love of learning and take great care in ensuring that this is passed onto the students they teach through academic lessons, as well as on a more informal level during activities and excursions.

Outstanding venues

Our world-renowned venues offer students access to some of the most exclusive and academically prestigious environments in the world. Steeped in history and tradition, and attended by many prominent academic, political and industry greats, our venues encourage students to strive to achieve more than they ever thought possible. 

Our University of Oxford colleges and surrounding Oxford school venues enable students to follow in the footfall of many academic greats who have walked the same halls. 

Students who want a busier, city-life experience can stay at King’s College London, one of the oldest university-level institutions in England. Based out of the Strand Campus, a stone’s throw away from Covent Garden, participants will have an exciting academic and cultural experience in the UK’s capital city. 

We also understand that some students may prefer a more familiar, all-encompassing campus environment, whilst still receiving an inspirational and aspirational experience. Our range of premium boarding school venues are the perfect option for students who wish to build their independence in a nurturing environment. 

Global perspectives

In order to create a successful path to follow in life, we understand that having a global mindset and strong cultural experiences are keyEvery course timetable ensures that students have the time to develop and enhance their cultural intelligence through collaborative academic activities and sharing of experiences centred around events and excursions to UK cities and landmarks. We welcome students from every corner of the globe and provide the platform for them to further develop their social and global perspectives. 

Personalised service

Everything Bucksmore does is centred around the needs of each individual student. With an expert team headquartered in London and supported around the world, we take great care in getting to know a student and ensuring they have an unforgettable experience. With over 30 subjects and courses, there is something for everyone. Our fast responses and friendly admissions team can help at any step of the way, from enquiry all the way through to flying home at the end of your course.