Plumpton skates back into the 70s!

Today all of us went to an authentic, 70s roller skating disco. It was a lovely summer day, but the moment we entered the roller-disco the bright and warm sun was left outside and we were welcomed by the darkness and lights of a proper 70’s dancefloor. Some students just stormed directly onto the dancefloor […]

King Edward’s jumps around and throws pies!

So it’s back to the business of running the best summer camp in Britain here at Bucky King Ed’s and we are off to a flier or should I say a jumper! Lot’s of happy, smiley, sweaty faces to be seen at Guildford’s AirHop were we spent 2 energy-zagging hours on our first full afternoon. […]

Bucksmore Tonbridge surrounded by knowledge

At Bucksmore Tonbridge the ball of the Business Week has just been set rolling, and our Young Leaders are already busy stocking up on succulent tidbits of knowledge that are sure to give them an edge over their peers back home. Against a breathtaking backdrop of Gothic arches and mediaeval architecture reminiscent of young wizards […]

Whistle Stop Tour of London for Brasenose Students

Setting off from Oxford in the early afternoon, Bucksmore Advanced Studies Programme (ASP) students were whisked away to the busy, bustling streets of London. The first stop was the Tate Modern, an art museum housed in the enormous empty shell of a former power station. Our enthusiastic Bucksmore scholars were set loose to explore the […]

St Hilda’s First Week of Academics

The first day of the academic week at St. Hilda’s started on Wednesday morning with the students sitting for their placement tests. In the next two lessons they had the opportunity to engage in conversation with their peers in a variety of get-to-know you tasks. On Thursday, the students were placed in their classes. They […]

St Hilda’s Students have fun on Week One!

Hello from St Hilda’s Bucksmore students – the Loughborough group to be precise. We would like to share about the activities from the first week of our stay as we obviously had the time of our lives. Last Tuesday we arrived in Oxford where we were greeted by a group of really lovely counsellors who […]

Pembroke Students Take Risks in Lessons

Hello, my name is Tahirah Suter and I am a Bucksmore Young Leaders student. This has been my first week at the lovely campus of Sir Geoffrey Arthur, at Pembroke College. The first week has been full of laughter and smiles. Many of us when asked to start summer school classes imagine a setting where […]

Bucksmore London off to an academic start

The first week at Bucksmore has been a big one. With so many activities and excursions, and lessons of course, it’s hard to keep track of which day of the week it is!   On day one the students kicked off the morning with some placement tests, to ensure that they were in the appropriate […]

Plumpton students in awe of Windsor beauty

On a beautiful and sunny Saturday, Plumpton students went to Windsor a town on the River Thames in southeast England, west of London where we visited Windsor Castle which is known to be a residence of the British Royal Family. The Children were happily engaged and mesmerised by the variety of opulent furnishing and paintings […]

Bucksmore London works hard and plays hard!

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to Bucksmore London 2019! It has been a busy first week so far, so here is a recap of the activities that our students have been doing in and around the capital. Taking advantage of the beautiful summer sunshine, on day 1 we took a stroll along the river Thames, where […]