Week 3 Activities at d’Overbroeck’s!

On Tuesday, remaining students had the chance to enjoy their free time discovering Oxford. After our new students arrived and registered they were asked to form groups in order to participate in a Talent Show Competition which took place the following evening. So, on Wednesday evening we were delighted to enjoy astonishing performances such as […]

Brasenose Student Nishant’s Academic Experience

My name is Nishant Paresh Mamtora. I am currently attending Brasenose College through Bucksmore Education. I am studying Economics and Politics and International Relations. The course outline of both of my subjects that I am currently studying is very diverse and broad. It helps me develop my thinking skills and course knowledge immensely. My tutors […]

An Insight into the Pembroke Young Leaders Course

The intensive Academic program “Young Leaders” that Bucksmore proposes takes place in the prestigious boarding school of Pembroke college. This program is built to develop key skills for future leaders of their generations, helping students to improve their English by acquiring additional language skills. First of all, to acquire abilities to become a young leader, […]

Pembroke’s United Nations Week

The success achieved during United Nations week was only possible because of the hard work and dedication provided by both students and teachers at Pembroke.  Every step of the project taught us unique things that aim to improve our set of skills that will be useful for our futures.  Firstly, being placed in a group […]

Brasenose Student Caroline’s History of Art Academics

I’m Caroline Zinneha. My experience at Bucksmore has been amazing. The teachers are very professional. The lessons and the workshops are going very well. I’m taking History of Art class. I have been always curious about the subject itself but I didn’t get the chance to learn it. So when I saw it on Bucksmore’s […]

Week Two at d’ Overbroecks Went by in a Flash!

On Tuesday while our staff were welcoming and accommodating the new students, most of our students were excited to go and watch the new Spider-man movie. The more active students that felt like spending their day outdoors had the chance to do some sports and enjoy the lovely Oxford countryside. Once all our new students […]

A Week Filled with Projects at St Hilda’s

The academic week for St Hilda’s students started on Wednesday with our newcomers taking placement tests while the students who have been with us for some time delved more deeply into English grammar, vocabulary and all the ways to use them in practice. On Thursday, the students researched all about the London Eye and wrote […]

8 Very Specific New Skills at d’Overbroeck’s

The skill set professionals require is anything but constant. At d’Overbroeck’s the Young Professionals programme takes this into account. Students have been learning not just from tutors, counsellors or presenters, but even more so from each other. Moreover, it is amazing how much our counsellors and tutors managed to pick up from the way students […]

Activities at Pembroke!

In Pembroke College, we do fun activities every day. They are very different each day and all the students enjoy it. These activities are managed by Miss Charlie, who organises lots of fun and does her best to support us. Furthermore, we do the activities in the Rockefeller room on campus, and sometimes in the […]

Bowling Championship, London, and Music Bingo at St Hilda’s

This week at the amazingly awesome centre that is St Hilda’s, students have enjoyed a variety of activities and excursions. The week started with a super fun Music Bingo – most points won by the Brazilian team! On Wednesday after a lovely barbecue by the river at the college students set off to Hollywood Bowl […]